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Hualien Chinatrust Hotel is the most "homely" international class tourism hotel in the eastern part of Taiwan, Hualien, nestled next to the azure blue vast Pacific Ocean in the east and the unfolding central mountain ranges in the west, and the beautiful coastal ridges in the south and the Su Hua cliffs in the north. Looking into the distance from the guest room, the enchanting scenery of Hualien is taken all in one glance. Being near to Hualien Harbor and the cultural center, you can watch the sunrise and cycle casually along the bicycle track along the harbor, appreciating the sea view as you stroll along, casting mundane matters of the mind aside.

Touring the Taroko National Park, Huadong Zong Valley, or Huadong coastal area is extremely convenient and smooth.

At the same time you are taking in the great views and scenery of Hualien, Hualien China Trust Hotel provides you with comfortable guest rooms, tasty buffets and healthy saunas, indoor swimming pool and spa, they are your best choice for a holiday vacation being elegant but yet inexpensive.

Guest Room Amenities

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Hualien Chinatrust Hotel
No. 2 Yong Hsin Road
Hualien City

(03) 822-1171
(03) 822-1185

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