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The first and only international tourist hotel in the Miaoli County, a living room that makes people in the Great Miaoli area proud, a mark that will transform the tourism in the Hsinchu and Miaoli area a tour destination as opposed to a mere portion of a journey.

A bright white palace designed with a Spanish Baroque exterior, built next to the green valet like grass sports park.

Its ballroom decorated with long rectangular glass opening, window to each guest room with carved rail on the outside.

Symmetrical architecture, composed in green and white, a classic style of low-profiled luxury.

Greeting each and everyone of her extraordinary guest. 108 business guest rooms with "exquisite" and "personalized" design emphasis, customer-oriented in-room implements, stressing "comfort" and "functionality".

Integrated with the soothing hotel environments, forming an atmosphere of warmth, sense of ease, of being at home.

At the same time, allowing business travelers to work in a leisurable setting. Chunan Chinatrust Hotel will present itself to be the first choice to stay for all purposes in the Miaoli area.

Guest Room Amenities

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Chunan Chinatrust Hotel
106, Gongyuan Rd.
Chunan Town, Miaoli County 350, Taiwan


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