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TAC's origins date back to 1914, when the Canadian Good Roads Association (CGRA) was founded. CGRA was mainly concerned with the establishment of a superior national road network and was one of the main forces behind construction of the Trans-Canada Highway.

As a national centre of transportation expertise, their goal is to provide a neutral forum to gather and exchange relevant ideas and information on technical guidelines and best practices. TAC actively promote the importance of transportation to Canada’s economic well-being, as well as safe, secure, efficient and environmentally and financially sustainable transportation services.


The Transportation Association of Canada is a national association with a mission to promote the provision of safe, secure, efficient, effective and environmentally and financially sustainable transportation services in support of Canada's social and economic goals.

The association is a neutral forum for gathering or exchanging ideas, information and knowledge on technical guidelines and best practices.

In Canada as a whole, TAC has a primary focus on roadways and their strategic linkages and inter-relationships with other components of the transportation system.

In urban areas, TAC's primary focus is on the movement of people, goods and services and its relationship with land use patterns.

Strategic Objectives


Products and Services

TAC offers a wide range of products and services to members and non-members. Most products and services are sold on a fee for service basis. Members receive a substantial discount on the selling price, as well as exclusive products and services.

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Transportation Association of Canada
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