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Flight Safety Foundation provides a forum where air carriers, manufacturers, suppliers, maintenance organizations, aviation regulatory agencies and flight crewmembers share information, ideas and best practices for safety.

In the safety realm, there are no competitors. Flight Safety Foundation is impartial, nonprofit, global — a driving force for major initiatives toward progress.

Flight Safety Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, international organization engaged in research, auditing, education, advocacy and publishing to improve aviation safety.

The Foundation’s mission is to pursue the continuous improvement of global aviation safety and the prevention of accidents.

The Foundation’s objectives are to:

Often referred to as the "conscience of the industry" the Foundation has contributed significantly to the evolution of aviation safety and the saving of lives. The Foundation occupies a unique position among the many organizations that strive to improve flight safety standards and practices throughout the world.

The air transport industry is a unique global enterprise — a single flight can cross the borders of several countries and several continents. The Foundation, with members from more than 142 nations around the globe, transcends local, regional or national political interests.

Safety Services

From its beginning in 1947, Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) has been at the forefront of progress in aviation safety. The Foundation has developed and implemented programs, policies and procedures that have improved civil aviation safety worldwide, and has provided a variety of safety services for aircraft operators, aviation organizations, aviation facilities and civil aviation authorities worldwide.

FSF safety services are performed under high standards and quality-control requirements, and are strictly confidential. The Foundation will not reveal, without permission from the client, that an organization has requested a proposal or contracted with the Foundation for safety services; and, except for a safety service designed to provide client information to others, only the client is provided the results of the service.

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