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Dassault Aviation is one of the major players in the global civil and military aviation industry. A reasonably sized and financially secure private international group, with a presence in more than 70 countries across 5 continents, Dassault Aviation has been profitable ever since its creation in 1936.

Structured to adapt its production to market cycles, Dassault Aviation encompasses a rich industrial network of high-tech companies in France, Europe, the US and many countries worldwide.

As an architect of complex airborne systems with a perfect command of primary sovereign technologies, Dassault Aviation owns renowned design and industrialization offices and relies on multidisciplinary design optimization as well as flexible production facilities.

Dassault Aviation offers its customers in-depth know-how, ranging from design to operations, based on the cross fertilization of civil and military activities backed by strong entrepreneurial values.


Enthusiasm, excellence and professional conduct

In order to achieve its objective in a highly competitive and increasingly global economy, Dassault Aviation builds on strong values, a firm identity and strict ethical standards.

Customer spirit

Satisfying the customer is both the philosophy and the underlying guideline of Dassault Aviation:

Human qualities

Technological excellence and innovation

Technological excellence and innovation is the motto of Dassault Aviation on which its spirit, passion and history are based.

The Group ensures the quality, reliability, and safety of its aircraft through a strategy of constant innova-tion, its project management capability, and its mastery of complex systems.

Economic performance

Dassault Aviation regards the creation of value as an essential goal in terms of ensuring its profitability, financial stability and long-term future. In a context of intense international competition, the Group must be more flexible, adaptable, and responsive in dealings with its customers, suppliers and partners.

Openness to the world

In a spirit of partnership, Dassault Aviation is engaged in sustained programs of scientific, technological, technical, and industrial cooperation in France and abroad.

The Group is active in national and international aviation and defense organizations. Its internal and external communications are open and transparent.

Environmental protection measures

For several years, Dassault Aviation has gradually developed an environmental policy and an organiza-tional structure that has helped reinforce environmental considerations at all its sites. Its facilities have all received ISO 14001 certification of their environmental management systems.

In the executive aviation industry, Dassault Aviation monitors technological and regulatory developments, thereby enabling it to take into account a certain number of environmental requirements from the Falcon design phase. This is the case for maximum sound and atmospheric pollution levels permitted in order to obtain aircraft certification.

With regard to strike aircraft, the future calls for tender of the French General Delegation for Armament will contain environmental clauses.
Support for the Global Compact initiative.

In 2003, Dassault Aviation joined the UN Global Compact initiative. The Group supports the ten principles relating to human rights, labor standards and environmental protection. It is through this commitment that Dassault Aviation has progressively incorporated the Global Compact principles into its strategy, culture and daily operations.


A service equal to product quality

Dassault Aviation attaches great importance to the customer support that it provides to assist customers with their daily operational needs. The criteria used to adapt this support to the customer’s logistical requirements are as follows: facilitate implementation and deployment; simplify use; and optimize staff and resources.

The objective is to provide customers with innovative and cost-efficient solutions.

To meet customer expectations, Dassault Aviation has set up a worldwide customer service organization.

This organization is based on:


Dassault Aviation
1, avenue du Parc Zone industrielle des bords de Seine
BP50 Argenteuil Cedex 95101

+ 33 (0)1 34 11 85 85
+ 33 (0)1 34 11 83 91

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