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CANSO is the global voice of the companies that provide air traffic control, and represents the interests of Air Navigation Services Providers worldwide. CANSO members are responsible for supporting 84% of world air traffic, and through their Workgroups, members share information and develop new policies, with the ultimate aim of improving air navigation services on the ground and in the air. CANSO also represents its members’ views in major regulatory and industry forums, including at ICAO, where we have official Observer status.


CANSO creates an international forum for discussion of Air Traffic Management related issues, where all aviation stakeholders unite to develop and exchange ideas in support of global Air Navigation Services. CANSO represents the views and interests of Members at the relevant international institutions.

Within the overall context of the promotion of safe, customer focussed, cost effective and stakeholder driven civil Air Navigation Service Provision, CANSO sets itself the following objectives:

The Voice of Air Navigation Service Providers - ANSPs

As the global association of ANSPs, CANSO represents its members by coordinating joint positions and speaking out on industry issues. CANSO acts as the global ANSP Voice on both regulatory and industry issues and coordinates closely with representatives of both sides; ICAO, IATA, ACI and the many regional bodies.

Support the Improvement of global ANS performance

CANSO Members are keen to improve the overall performance of the global ATM network. This is achieved through close cooperation between Members in the different fields of ANSP business operations. In order to support the development and promotion of best practices, CANSO unites ANSP experts to stimulate exchanges of information and the development of global policies. Regular meetings, workshops and conferences ensure that all ANSPs are fully aware of current industry trends and developments.

Optimise the effectiveness of the organisation

To ensure that an efficient CANSO organisation is in place and that appropriate systems and resources are available at all times, members seek a financially healthy association with a close relationship between Secretariat and Members. The use of the latest communications technology in combination with central coordination from an active and effective Secretariat ensures members remain closely involved in all CANSO activities.

Overall CANSO develops an international communications network for ANS experts to facilitate information exchange between specific ANSP departments for the promotion of best practice in Air Traffic Management.

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CANSO Global Head Office
Transpolis Schiphol Airport, Polaris Avenue 85e
Hoofddorp 2132 JH

Contact Form
+31 (0)23 568 5380
+31 (0)23 568 5389

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