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Airports Council International Latin America & Caribbean (ACI-LAC) is the ACI division that represents the interests of the airport operators of the Latin America the Caribbean Region. Founded on 1991, its fundamental objective is to promote the cooperation between the airports member and other partners within the aviation world.

At the moment, ACI-LAC counts with 66 members that operate 260 airports in 37 countries of the Latin America and the Caribbean region. Through this cooperation, the ACI-LAC objective is to offer in order to make the airport system safe, stable, efficient and compatible with the environment.

ACI-LAC represents the airports' views before the different bodies from the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission, ICAO Regional Offices (Lima and Mexico), and the National Governments. In addition, it controls all the initiatives proposed by these agencies that could have an impact on the air transport sector. Furthermore, it also discloses all the associated information among its members.

ACI-LAC mission is to promote the exchange of know-how and information among its members, not only through the dedication of the airport members that participate in the different Committees and Task Forces but also through the successful schedule of conferences and exhibitions it organizes for the entire Region.

ACI-LAC Mission

ACI-LAC's main objective is to foster cooperation among its member airports and the other partners in the civil aviation industry worldwide, including the different governments, airlines, and aircraft manufacturers.

Through this cooperation, ACI-LAC makes a significant contribution to the efforts that are mainly intended to provide an air transport system featured by its security, safety, efficiency, and its compatibility with the environment.

ACI-LAC Objective

Through its internal structure and the vast schedule of conferences and exhibitions it regularly organizes, ACI-LAC successfully promotes the exchange of technical knowledge in the industry. In addition, ACI-LAC formulates comprehensive common policies that serve as guidelines for the entire aviation industry because it focuses all its efforts in its task of seeking and expressing the reality, including the difficulties and the different views of the member airports.

Among its goals, ACI-LAC aspires to promote legislations, regulations, and international agreements that support the interests of the different airport members.

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