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The Air Transport Action Group brings together organisations and companies throughout the air transport industry that are committed to achieving infrastructure improvements and addressing the environmental challenges that are facing the industry. The diversity of its membership adds to its credibility and high level of influence with decision-makers around the world.

ATAG is a not-for-profit association with members that include airports, airlines, airframe and engine manufacturers, air navigation service providers, airline pilot and air traffic controller unions, chambers of commerce, tourism and trade partners, ground transportation and communications providers.

ATAG has some 70 members worldwide; its funding members include Airports Council International, Airbus, Boeing, CFM International, International Air Transport Association and Rolls-Royce.

ATAG has a worldwide mandate set by its funding members, and is active at national, regional and international levels. By working proactively and by representing such a broad spectrum of industry players, ATAG is recognised as a credible source of information, enabling it to better position air transport with governments, intergovernmental bodies and interested parties and to advance the debate on the role of this global industry in our society. Read more about our achievements and priorities.

ATAG has compiled a wide range of information, data and forecasts which are distributed through ATAG's publications and press releases. ATAG also organises highly-respected global events like the annual Aviation & Environment Summit - the only event that brings together key decision-makers from throughout the entire aviation sector to discuss major environmental challenges.

ATAG's objectives

ATAG's aim is to define common positions on infrastructure and environmental issues and to make expert and constructive contributions to the industry and governmental consultation process. By bringing together all air transport players worldwide and through the exchange of information and know-how, across all industry sectors, ATAG is in a unique position to make global industry recommendations. In so doing, ATAG plays an influential role in ensuring that aviation can continue to grow according to market demands and deliver the enormous economic and social benefits it brings to the world.

ATAG's activities

ATAG aims to ensure that the appropriate infrastructure facilities and procedures are in place in time to satisfy consumers' expectations. It takes at least ten years to plan, finance and build a major piece of air transport infrastructure such as an airport terminal or runway and sometimes nearly as long to bring a new air traffic control facility or system on stream.

ATAG aims to identify and resolve environmental problems and to accommodate environmental requirements in the industry's growth strategies. It looks for a balance between the environmental, social and economic effects of increased infrastructure capacity and, therefore, works closely with governments, environmental groups, planning institutes and the public to achieve this balance and to ensure that the right degree of commitment is made in time to meet mobility requirements.

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