UGANDA Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

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Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is a body corporate established under the CAA statute No 3 of 1994 (although it was defacto operational from 1991). The cardinal objective of the Authority is to promote the safe, regular, secure and efficient use and development of civil aviation inside and outside Uganda.

The Objectives

The Mission and Theme

CAA remains committed to the fulfillment of its mission. "To maintain the highest standards of safety and service in civil aviation".

It is also determined to accomplish the statutory mandate assigned to it by the Government. The Authority will aim at excellent performance through creation of a corporate culture that reflects CAA's total commitment to safety and quality of service.


UGANDA Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
Entebbe International Airport
P.O. Box 5536, K

Contact Form
+256 31/41 352000
+256 41 321401, 320571, 320964

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