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Civil air transport is a crucial link to a nation’s economic development. With Taiwan in a pivotal location of Asia-Pacific region, enjoying technical and commercial advantages, its telecommunication and manufacturing industries spurred by high technology will attract transnational enterprises to set up regional bases of operation here. This could bring about a thriving value-added manufacturing industry as well as relevant service industries, which in turn should consolidate Taiwan’s position as a hub of air transshipment in the region.

To advance the Republic of China’s civil aviation undertaking, CAA is focused on the endeavor to implement flight safety system, explore civil aviation operations, push airport construction, elevate service standards and cultivate civil aviation talents as its commitment in the days ahead. Concrete strategies are being worked out to actively enforce self-scrutiny of the air transport operators, to step up flight safety checks and training of specialists.

CAA also provides a variety of channels to receive opinions from the people and cases of appeal are swiftly dealt with. A good job is being done on airport noise abatement and requital. On the other hand, to take care of inhabitants in the remote offshore islands, the government has made available air transport services and related subsidies.

Description of Duties

CAA performs the following duties:


TAIWAN Civil Aeronautics Administation (CAA)
No.340, Dunhua N. Rd.
Taipei City 10548, Taiwan


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