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In 1931 the country callsign prefix for Romanian aircrafts is set by the CV group of letters and, since 1932 these letters have changed into YR.

In 1962 the professional pilot, first class professional pilot and line pilot licenses are set up in the civil aviation.

In 1991 Romania joins the states of the European Conference of Civil Aviation. The Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority is organized and works as a separate body within the ministry it belonged to, under the name of Civil Aviation State Subsecretariate (HGR 43/1991)

On 21 August, 2003 the RCAA, together with important figures of the Romanian Government and of the Romanian civil aviation, celebrates 10 years of acitivity as a specialised tehnical body of the ministry it belongs to, with a structure similar to the European civil aeronautical authorities.

RCAA's Objectives

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Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority
Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti No. 38-40, CAA House
Sect. 1, Bucharest

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