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The government has established the National Transport Authority acting from the 1st of January 2007 under the supervision of the Ministry responsible for Transport as the legal successor to the General Inspectorate of Transport, the Central Inspectorate of Transport, the Local Transport Inspectorates in the counties and the Civil Aviation Authority for carrying out authorizational tasks in the fields of road, railway, water and air transport. The Military Aviation Authority was integrated into the NTA on the 1st of July 2007. From the 1st of July 2008 the Hungarian Rail Office' tasks are also supplied by the National Transport Authority.

The National transport Authority is a separately managing, central budget organization.

The general activity of the Authority is general public administration, it carries out the tasks prescribed by law on first and second instance:

The main bodies of the National Transport Authority are the Central Office, the First Instance Territorial Directorate General and the Strategical and Methodological Directorate. The president of the National Transport Authority is the leader of the Central Office.

The road related authority tasks on first instance are carried out by the territorially competent Regional Directorate, Department for Transport Subsectors, while on the second instance by the Central Office Department of Second Instance Authority. Within the Regional Directorate's Department for Transport Subsectors working groups are operating at the county towns with a competency covering the given county.

In regard of roads in Budapest owned by the Municipality of the Capitol the Regional Directorate for Central Hungary, while in case of road owned by the district Municipalities the town clerk is the competent transport authority.

The regulations of the Hungarian Civil Aviation has started at 1917, with the common Military Ministry of Austrien and Hungarian Monarchie for the organization and the regulations planning.

Now the name of Hungarian Aviation Authority is National Transport Authority Directorate for Air Transport.

The mission of the railway technical domain is to ensure the fulfillment of EU's and Hungarian Republic's transport policy objectives. Based on its strategic planning activities and methodological initiatives by forming and spreading of innovative solutions the branch contributes to the improvements of the efficiency and traffic safety level of the infrastructure.

The Department for Shipping Proceedings of the Directorate of High Priority Affairs at the National Transport Authority as authority of first instance acts with national competence for water transport administrative affairs refferred into its jurisdiction by the law.

Territorial bodies without legal entities are the Regional Directorates, the Directorate of High Priority Affairs, the Directorate for Psychological Testing of Drivers and the Directorate for Aviation. The Central Office, the Directorate of High Priority Affairs, the Directorate for Psychological Testing of Drivers and the Directorate for Aviation has competency at national level.

The competency of the Regional Directorates is defined in the organizational and operational rules published by the ministerial decree 3/2008. (VI.30.) of the Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and Energy.

Regarding the decisions made by the regional bodies the competent second instance authority is the Central Office.

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