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The Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration was founded in 1945, when Parliament passed law nr. 24/1945 on "airports and landing strips for aircraft" The laws also required "a special management board for aviation" and the office of Director General of Aviation. These laws provided the basis for the "Civil Aviation Administration", which was founded shortly after the laws were passed. The Administration office was opened at Garðastræti 2 on 15 March 1945. The engineer, Erling Ellingsen, was later appointed Director General from 1 July of the same year, which is the formal anniversary of the office. Nine years later, in 1936, the pilot, Agnar Kofoed-Hansen was appointed aviation advisor to the government, which was his involvement with the sector in a civil capacity. In 1947 Agnar was appointed state airport director and chairman of the Aviation Board. He became Director General of Aviation in 1954, an office he held until his dying day in 1982. The lawyer, Pétur Einarsson was appointed Director General early in 1983 and held the office until 1992, when the engineer Þorgeir Pálsson was appointed. Petur K. Maack was appointed Director General 1 Januar 2007.

The civil aviation regulatory tasks carried out so far by the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration (ICAA) was entrusted to the new ICAA, on the basis of a new legislation adopted in June 2006 by the Icelandic Althingi, The new ICAA combined the former Flight Safety Division and other official administrative functions which where carried out by other divisions of the former ICAA.

A new organization ISAVIA was established to take over ICAA’s role as a service provider as of 1 January 2007. ISAVIA operatee airports in Iceland except Keflavík Airport. It provides air navigation services and be responsible for ATC services to the Icelandic ATC area which accommodates about 30% of the international traffic crossing the North Atlantic Area.
Þorgeir Pálsson is the CEO of ISAVIA.

The Administration division provides for the general part of the administrative services regarding the role and functions of the ICAA. International relations and participation in international cooperation, especially regarding the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) are dealt with in the division. Human relationship management, finance services, legal advice services and other support services are also provided for within the division.

The Icelandi Civil Aviation Administration is responsible for updating the Icelandic Aircraft Register.


The Icelandi Civil Aviation Administration
Reykjavík centrum at Skogarhlid 12
105 Reykjavik

Contact Form
569 4100
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