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The GCAA was established in 1930 as a unit with Public Works Department (PWD); in 1953 GCAA was granted Departmental Status. It became an Authority under PNDC Law 151 from 16th May, 1986.In the year 2004 the GCAA Act was enacted to replace PNDC Law 151.

The ghana Civil Aviation Authority(GCAA) is the regulatory agency of the Republic of Ghana for air transportation in the country.

It also provides air navigation services within the Accra Flight Information Region (FIR), which comprises the airspace over the Republics of Ghana, Togo and Benin and a large area over the Atlantic Ocean in the Gulf of Guinea.


The mission statement of GCAA in line with its mandate is;


In line with their mission, Ghana Civil Aviation Authority's vision is to become:

With their superior safety oversight record, State-of-the-art communications, navigation, surveillance and air traffic management facilities and services, they are better equipped to guide you in and out of their airspace.


Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
Private Mail Bag, Kotoka International Airport,

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+233 21 776171
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