General of Civil Aviation (Nicaragua)

General of Civil Aviation (Nicaragua)

The Environmental Unit of the MTI was created by Ministerial Resolution No. 27 (August 25 1993) on the initiative and support of the Inter-American Development "BID" for the Program of Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Rural Roads "shake". It was formally incorporated in the MTI, through Decree 71-98, which regulates Law 290 of Organization, Jurisdiction and Procedures of the Executive Branch in Arto166 of that decree, includes the Environmental Unit as an advisory body of senior management.

Currently, the Environmental Management Unit is an advisory body of senior management and to support all units of the Ministry to coordinate, supervise and monitor the proper and timely incorporation of environmental aspects in projects implemented by the institution, to prevent, mitigate or offset adverse environmental impacts that could arise during implementation or operation of projects.




General of Civil Aviation (Nicaragua)

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