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The history of regulation and development of Civil Aviation in Panama dates back to Decree No. 147 of August 23, 1932, which establishes the National Commission for Aviation, whose responsibility was to implement and enforce regulations relating to international civil aviation.

During this period, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation was an agency that served as "Withholding Agent" taxes and fees generated by aviation activity. The limited financial and material resources, organizational and infrastructure worked, she could not perform effectively the duties of planning, direction, supervision and control of air activity.

In 2003, passed three laws related to civil aviation in Panama: The Law No.21 of January 29 which regulates the Civil Aviation and subrogated the Decree Law No.19 of 1963, Act No. 22 of 29 January subrogated to the Cabinet Decree No. 13 of January 22, 1969 and created the Civil Aviation Authority and, finally, Law 23 of January 29 dictates that the regulatory framework for the management of airports and airfields in Panama.

In 2004 enacted two new resolutions on changes to the structure (Resolution No.009-AL-DM-CAA of February 2 and Resolution No.030-AL-DM-CAA of March 29) during the creation of the Airport Security and the many comments made by the Director of Institutional Development of the State Ministry of Economy and Finance to the Organizational Structure and the Organization and Functions Manual.


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