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The Danish Civil Aviation Administration (CAA-DK) is a government enterprise under the Ministry of Transport & Energy.

The CAA-DK is the aviation regulator in Denmark, on the Faeroe Islands & in Greenland, with all civil aviation regulatory functions integrated within a single specialist body:

CAA-DK contributes towards creating a framework that enables air traffic to operate as safe & efficient as possible - for the benefit of air passengers and society alike.

The basis for flight safety is creted by the CAA-DK in setting standards for the flight safety of civil aviation and in supervising compliance with the standards for commercial and private operators in civil aviation.

Their mission

Their vision

Aviation in Denmark and Danish aviation abroad must not cause loss of human life or serious personal injury. Flight safety must therefore be constantly improved.

Crimes against aviation security must be prevented.

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The Civil Aviation Administration
Bornholm Airport,
Sdr. Landevej 2, Rønne DK-3700,

Contact Form
+45 5695 2626
+45 5693 0222

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