BRUNEI DARUSSALAM Department of Civil Aviation (DCA)

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Commercial air transport in Brunei began in 1953, with the establishment of air service links connecting Bandar Seri Begawan with Anduki in the Belait district. Initial flights to Malaysia were made to accommodate travellers from Labuan in Sabah and Lutong in Sarawak. Airport services were operated from the Berakas area at an old runway site built by the Japanese during World War II. It was known then as the Brunei Airport.

The Ministry of Communications, the umbrella organisation of the Department of Civil Aviation, formulated a theme, 'Towards Global Access', which emphasizes international linkages, economic cooperation and regional, as well as international, interdependency. In support of the Ministry's thrust to achieve world-class standards, the Department of Civil Aviation launched its core mission, thus: To develop the Brunei International Airport as the leading regional air hub by providing the highest level of safety, security and efficiency of aviation system; competitive services and facilities for the maximum benefits of the aviation communities.



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