BERMUDA Department of Civil Aviation (DCA)

Image - BERMUDA Department of Civil Aviation (DCA)

Bermuda is an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom, and the BDCA is subject to safety oversight surveillance by the Air Safety Support International (ASSI), a subsidiary of the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom who ensures compliance with international aviation safety standards. On the website you can access the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order and other documents that provide information and guidance about the rules that apply to conducting aviation activities that come under the purview of the BDCA.

You will also find policies, procedures, instructions and all related forms to enable you to apply for aircraft registration, personnel licenses, certificates, validations and approvals necessary for you to conduct your aviation activities.


Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation
Channel House, Suite 2, 12 Longfield Road
Southside, St. David's, DD 03

(441) 293-1640
(441) 293-2417 and/or (441) 293-0783

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