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Zielona Gora / Babimost International Airport is located in the western part of Poland, 34 km North-East from Zielona Gora - the capital of Lubuskie region.

The airport is a former military base. It has a record of serving domestic traffic to and from Warsaw. The airport operated passenger traffic (2 connections daily) between Warsaw and Zielona Góra until September 2004, when, after 33 years of service, the state-owned Polish Airlines LOT discontinued the route, following ownership changes at the airport: The army stopped using it as its military base and dismantled some of its equipment.

The airport occupies a total area of 450 ha and contains cargo and passenger terminals, technical support buildings, safety installations and equipment for passenger and cargo services. There are also 16 former military hangars (320m2 each) available which can easily be modified for cargo storage.

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Zielona Gora-Babimost Airport PO Box 4
Babimost 66 - 110

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(+48) 68 351 2300
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