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On 24 December 1919 the first mail-plane from Sofia to Varna landed here, but this airline was functional for only one month. It was not until 1947 that a permanent airline from Varna to Sofia started to operate. The first Junkers 52 aircraft landed at Tihina Airport on 2nd August. Their were said to be only four passengers on this flight, and the total flights that year came to six, with a total of 23 passengers on board. Tihina Airport itself was located in the outskirts of "Asparuhovo" district, to the west of the present-day Asparuhovo Bridge, in the place of the canal. It occupied an area of approximately 1000-15000 decares and its facilities included a hangar and a workshop. Flight directions were quite primitive at that time: stones held an enormous canvas in the form of the letter T (for Tihina) to the runway.

On 9th May 1948 the new airport of Varna was officially opened for business.

On 25th September 1972 a new airport reception building started functioning. It was designed by "Transproject Co.", Sofia and consisted of three wings: Administrative and Technical Department, Domestic Lines, International Lines, as well as a big parking lot outside the building. The second storey of the Domestic Lines wing hosts a 130-seat restaurant, and duty free shops and currency shops can be found in the international terminal. Bigger airplanes and heavier traffic led to the necessity of thickening the runway in 1974. The following year central heating facilities, fire precaution depot and a pumping station were completed.Taking into consideration the considerable flow of passengers and load, as well as the greater expectations for the role of Varna airport in the overall development of the region, a new general plan has been developed for the complex over the last couple of years. It provides for modernization of both the International Terminal and the Domestic Lines Terminal.


Varna Airport

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