Swansea Airport

Swansea Airport

Swansea Airport is an aerodrome located at Fairwood Common on the Gower peninsula to the west of Swansea.

The airport is mainly used to handle light aircraft and private planes. One of the Wales Air Ambulance helicopters is based there. Additionally, it is used by police helicopters.

The airport's facilities date back to the early 1940s. There are 3 runways arranged in a triangular formation, of which only two are currently active. The main runway 04/22 is a little under 1,500m, aligned in a northeast/southwest configuration. It is operated as code 2 with a take of distance of 1,199m. Runway 10/28 is 800m long, aligned in a northwest/southeast configuration, crossing the main runway and allows code 1 operations. Runway 15/33 is inactive.

Located on the eastern part of the site is the airport's only terminal building with seats for 25 passengers. The air traffic control tower is integrated into the terminal building. The airport has only two hangars, of which one is small and requires updating.


Swansea Airport Fairwood Common
Swansea SA2 7JU
United Kingdom

Contact Info
+44 (0)1792 204063

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