Strasbourg Airport

Strasbourg Airport

Since June 2001, Strasbourg International Airport has ISO 9001 (version 2000) certification. The quality approach of the airport applies to all the activities and processes that have a direct impact on service quality, from information to the public to maintenance of the installations and equipment.

In 2002, the airport decided to launch a more global quality approach, based on the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model. This approach is centred on the improvement of the airport’s performance and aims to satisfy all parties concerned with the organisation: the customers, suppliers, personnel and the whole community.

Strasbourg International Airport pass a major milestone in this ongoing improvement process when it was awarded the "Recognised for Excellence" Certificate in December 2005 by the EFQM. It is the first French airport to obtain this distinction.

Strasbourg International Airport is committed to becoming a model airport in terms of environment protection.

There are more than 108 employees of the CCI of Strasbourg who are employed at the airport out of a total of 1,400.

The Airport provides airlines and other partners with all the resources required for their activities – manoeuvring areas, terminals (passengers and freight), car parks, road links with Strasbourg city centre, shops and services, passenger information etc.

In order to develop and promote its activity, the Airport authority is reinforcing the resources of the facility, expanding the network of scheduled and charter flights. The airport promotes itself to different segments of clientele and to the distribution network (Travel Agents and Tour Operators) while ensuring optimum profitability by rallying the support of all the parties concerned.

The Airport takes part in several professional and general public salons as well as advertising and sales campaigns with partners.

As part of its activities, the Airport groups together the shops, car hire firms, car parks, restaurant services and advertising posters and hoardings on site.

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Strasbourg International Airport F-67960

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+33 3 88 64 67 67, +33 3 88 64 67 97
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Fri, 2018-10-19 19:00

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