St. Gallen Airport - Altenrhein

St. Gallen Airport - Altenrhein

The creation of the St. Gallen Airport - Altenrhein goes back to the year 1926, as Professor Claude Dornier, the decision was his "Flying Boat" DO-X in Altenrhein to build.

In 1927, the first 600m long grass runway is created. This was made until the outbreak of World War II regularly scheduled flights to Basle, Dubendorf, Innsbruck and Munich. In the euphoria of the rapidly developing aviation was Altenrhein as European Central aerodrome for land and seaplanes seen.

In 2001 and 2002, further investments are made: a new arrivals hall, a new fire department building, a modern baggage handling system, large parking areas with a modern payment system, business lounge with WLAN, etc.

Vision of the St. Gallen Airport - Altenrhein

St. Gallen Airport - Altenrhein is the cross-border regional airport and gateway to the Eastern Switzerland, Vorarlberg, Liechtenstein and South Germany: 4 Countries - 1 Airport

Mission Statement


Core Values

They are based on a trusting relationship with the authorities and from the airport to develop in close cooperation with relevant local, cantonal, federal and intergovernmental bodies.

They know not only the benefits but also to the burden which the operation of an airport brings with it. The timely, complete and truthful performance of the information needs and dialogue with the population, they therefore a daily challenge, they gladly accept.


They focus on European airlines. They provide assurance for high security, punctuality and quality of service.

They rely on the regular. It allows an optimal and sustainable utilization of available resources in compliance with the annual limits in accordance with treaty with Austria and the Swiss noise legislation.

They give priority to safety and take on the latest European standards and benchmarks for the operation of airports. In this context, they are federally konzessionieren. Thus, they Sachplan the infrastructure of aviation (SIL) of the Federal and the Richtplan of the canton of St. Gallen. Information about the next steps are in the brochure "The Future Airport St. Gallen-Altenrhein" included.

They develop the airport infrastructure, customer-oriented. Airlines and passengers will be the best conditions for a safe, efficient and customer-friendly operation found.

They develop the airport infrastructure and environmentally measured. The emission of noise are observed. Information about the Master Plan. They use the licensing rights and obligations connected with a high sense of responsibility towards the economy and population of the region.

They primarily serve destinations, which is equivalent or better connections with other public transport are not guaranteed.

They see themselves as an integral part of the public transport system in the region. The opening of the airport land to the peak traffic periods should therefore be composed of Canton by public transport should be ensured.

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St. Gallen Airport - Altenrhein Airport Strasse 11
Altenrhein CH 9423

Contact Info
+41 71 858 51 65

Hohenems-Dornbirn Weather info
Overcast, mist

Location of this weather station:
15.3 km Southeast

Reported on:
Mon, 2018-10-01 04:00

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