Skopje Alexandаr the Great Airport

Skopje "Alexandаr the Great" Airport

Skopje Alexander The Great Airport has on its disposal a passenger terminal with an area of 4000 m , with a capacity of two entrance and two exit gates, which enable servicing of 500 000 – 600 000 passengers annually. The airport platform has a capacity of 15 parking places for commercial and general aviation aircrafts, including the wide body aircrafts.

The capacities of the cargo center are around 2000 m in two cargo hangers for export and import of goods. In addition to the domestic airline Macedonian Airlines, there are 10 foreign airlines operating to 15 European destinations at the Skopje airport.

First airport was build in year 1928, 3km distanced from the city down town, 20 years from the first historical flight of brothers Wright. That airport has international classification and was used only for domestic and charter flights. Before Second World War, in a period from year 1935 until 1936, before airport in Skopje, airport in Bitola was operating.

First flight on route Belgrade-Skopje-Belgrade was preformed in 1929. First international flight was in 1930 on route Vienna-Graz-Zagreb-Belgrade-Skopje- Thessaloniki.

After Second World War, in year 1946 with aircraft DC-3 (23 seats) Belgrade-Skopje route was establish, with 5 to 6 flights weekly, every working day. In 1951 Belgrade-Skopje-Thessaloniki-Athens, and three years later Belgrade-Skopje-Istanbul route was establish.

Year 1999 and 2000 - increased number of air traffic, approximately 50% more comparing to previous years. From September 2000 rerouted number of passengers from Prishtina was less, so in year 2001 air traffic level is back as it was in 1999.

In the area of 50 km there is no other airport, and in the area of 100 km is airport Pristine, while 200 - 300 km are airports in Thessaloniki, Ohrid, Nis, Tirana, Podgorica and Sofia.



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Skopje "Alexandаr the Great" Airport P.O. Box 4 Ilinden

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+389 2 314 86 71, +389 2 314 86 66

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