Seinajoki Airport

Seinajoki Airport

Seinäjoki airport was inaugurated officially in 1983. The airport control tower was completed in autumn 1992. Traffic growth in the decade after the turn of the terminal was extended to its present size. Expansion was completed in 2003. The latest, in early 2009 completed the extension after the airport received more office space. Modernized office wing allowing, inter alia, Finn Airlines head office operations in the future Seinäjoki airport connection.

Seinäjoki airport's role is to allow air services in South Ostrobothnia. Both residents of the region that, in particular, the area economy, it is important that South Ostrobothnia has good links to both home and abroad.

Seinäjoki Airport has regular scheduled flights to Helsinki and back. The route of flight operator acts wall Jokinen Finnish Commuter Airlines, Finn. Seinäjoki flight to Helsinki takes only about 50 minutes.

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Seinajoki Airport Lentokentäntie 60
Son LUOMA 60760

Contact Info
+358- (0) 6-4219 611

Seinajoki-Ilmajok Weather info
Clear sky

Location of this weather station:
10.6 km South

Reported on:
Fri, 2018-10-19 21:50

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