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Rostov on Don Airport was founded in the distant 1925, when the station was built and flight airport. For these purposes in the country house of Rostov-on-Don has been allocated plot 120 dessiatinas. The airfield was equipped aviaznakami, built a house for the commandant and staff built a repository for kerosene, paved highway connecting the airfield to the city.

Jun 15, 1925 opened the first air line Rostov - Kharkiv - Eagle - Moscow. During the first three months of work had been carried 80 passengers. The figure is small, but for the time it was a serious success. Over time, increased air routes, increasing the number of flights. Already in 1926, through the capital of the Don was an important aviamagistral Moscow-Rostov-Tiflis.

Rostov on Don Airport is a huge complex of technical means and structures placed on an area of almost 400 hectares. The airfield in line with the requirements of 1-st category of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), is able to accept virtually all types of aircraft engaged in air transportation to domestic and international airlines.

The passenger terminal is the total area of more than 17 thousand square meters, provides services in the Russian sector of 600 passengers per hour, in the international sector of 200 passengers per hour.

C 16 to 17 April 2009 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia conducted a joint meeting on the development of passenger service at airports and a seminar for members of the Association Airport GA, specialists in the organization of service and divisions of the passengers at the airports on Improving the economic efficiency , service quality and service of passengers at airports.

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Rostov on Don Airport Sholokhova Ave 270 / 1
Rostov-on-Don 344009

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