Rostock-Laage Airport

Rostock-Laage Airport

A base for the National People's Army (NVA) of East Germany was built in Laage by Rostock toward the end of the seventies. The construction took from 1979 up until 1981. Then as well as today, the airport Rostock-Laage is considered to be one of the largest airbases in northern Europe. Military use started with the Fighter Wing JBG 77 of the NVA in 1984.

Starting 1993 the airbase Laage is put under the command of the Fighter Wing 73 which is still stationed there today. Fighter Wing 73, as the only German Air Force unit and stationed in Rostock-Laage flies with the MIG-29A and the McDonnell Douglas F-4F Phantom II.

In November of 1995 the first charter flight to Istanbul leaves out of Rostock with its tour operator PTI – Panoramica.

The airport celebrates its 5th anniversary in March 1998. Almost 100.000 passengers with 9 tour operators and 17 airlines to 24 different destinations on a national and international level are flying this year.

The first airport festival takes place on 9 September 2000 at Rostock-Laage. The close to 15.000 visitors are not only marveling at the civilian part of the airport; they are also allowed to enter the military section. Two sightseeing flights with an Airbus A319 across the hanseatic city of Rostock are the highlight of the festival.

The new terminal was officially opened with a celebration on 9 September 2005. A modern building with an area of 90 x 60 meters and international flair emerged and has been designed to handle up to 1 Million passengers per year.

The terminal processes the passenger directly from the terminal and across two jet ways. In addition to that, 5 remote positions, parking areas on the apron area, are available. The building was planned in accordance with the internationally binding IATA rules (IATA = International Air Transport Association) and following the ICAO manual (ICAO = International Civil Aviation Organization). There is no lack of parking space; 1000 parking spaces are available as well as a restaurant, shopping facilities and much more inside the terminal.

During the G-8 summit 6 – 8 June 2007 in Heiligendamm, the airport Rostock-Laage served as the central airport for all arrivals and departures of the heads of state and their delegations.

The newly renovated parking areas which are now brightly lit and equipped with a video surveillance system were turned over on 13 August. For the first time there is a minor charge for using the parking facilities.

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