Parchim International Airport

Parchim International Airport

Parchim International Airport(PIA) was built back to the year 1934. Since 2007, the China based LinkGlobal Group made itself the new owner of the airport and the airport management company through an international privatization and bidding process initiated by local government. At present, Parchim International Airport becomes the most potential international airport for cargo and passengers. All types of commercial flights including A380 and AN124 can be served in this airport. Providing the airlines and its clients a tailored service is the target of the airport today.

Located in the center of Europe, Parchim International Airport is in State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern of Germany. By the A24 highway connected Hamburg and Berlin, the airport is 120 km & 160 km respectively from the top 2 cities in Germany. The German railway lines run across the Airport Industrial Park. The Baltic port of Rostock, Wismar and Lübeck are within 100 km circle of the airport. It is a fantastic aviation gateway with multi-modal transportation of Road, Air, Sea & Railway ready at service. The airport area has good weather condition all year round and is ideal for aircraft landing and taking off. The airport provides 24 hours service to all types of aircraft since it is far from the living areas of the city.

Under the Customs Bond operational model, all functional zones are inter-supportive to each other, which are functioning research, training, production, assemble, exhibition, procurement, promotion and service. Services like insurance, finance, logistics and trading are available in the function zones. The sales network and internet and multi-media promotion enable the function zones a platform of manufacturing, supplying, sales and services. The Parchim International Airport administration committee screens target enterprises and gives strong support by operational hatching and guiding. Quality of product manufactured within all function zones is always guaranteed to create a reliable brand as the Parchim Industrial Park. The planned Pan-Parchim economic zones will be created with functions of logistics, industry, business, culture, recreation, food and beverages.

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