Ostend-Bruges International Airport

Ostend-Bruges International Airport

Ostend-Bruges International Airport is ideally situated in the heart of Europe.

Although an important proportion of the activities focuses on freight transport, the airport also warmly welcomes its passengers. Ostend-Bruges International Airport is the ideal airport for family and winter holidays. Almost every important holiday region on the Mediterranean coast and in the Canary Islands is included in the range of destinations.

As often happens in these cases, it’s not realty possible to pinpoint the exact date when the airport really started to be used. However, reliable data indicate that even during World War I, a field in Stene was used for military aircraft of the time to take off and land. The Department of Civil Aviation, which still fell under the field of competence of the Minister of Defence at that time, already had the use of this small military airfield. The evolution of Ostend Airport is closely related to the history of the development of the Department of Aviation in Belgium.

After the Second World War the airport of Raversijde -Middelkerke was turned into an international airport by the Department of Airways which had been established by that time. On 15 June 1947, SABENA started a regular line for the summer, viz. the line Het Zoute-Ostend-Lymphe, flying with a DC-3. In 1947, 4,533 passengers flew from Ostend-Middelkerke.

One of the most important events during 2005 was undoubtedly the certification of the airport as a category 4E airport. Following an audit by the Aviation Directorate-general, the Ostend-Bruges international Airport gained the certificate for a category 4E airport on 23 December 2005. The certificate that was issued has number A-POR\2005\Annex14_001. This certification is limited in time and expires on 23/12/2007. The extension of the certificate will form the object of audits which will focus particularly on the evolution of the Safety Management System and on the visual aids of the airport.

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Ostend-Bruges International Airport V150 - V154
Oostende 8400

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