Mexico City International Airport

Mexico City International Airport

A brief remembrance shows that first aeronautic episodes in Mexico, took place in this capital city with the first aerostatic ascention of Eugene G. Robertson on February 14, 1835. The feat of Guanajuato native Benito León Acosta on April 3, 1942, when he lifted off and rose up into the clouds.

On July 6, 1917 first Air Mail flight took place in Mexico by Horacio Ruiz, in a biplane aircrat "A" Series, carrying postage between Pachuca and Mexico City. Landing took place in Balbuena.

Currently the AICM is fully committed to providing universal access inside/outside Terminal Building to serve needs for the disable, expectant mothers and the elderly while remaining at the premises.



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Mexico City International Airport
Capitán Carlos León s/n Colonia Peñón de los Baños Delegación Venustiano
Carranza C.P. 15620 México D.F

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2482-2424 y 2482-2400
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Mexico City / Licenci Weather info
Scattered clouds

Location of this weather station:
2.0 km West-Southwest

Reported on:
Mon, 2018-12-10 23:01

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