Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport

The Manchester Airports Group (MAG) is the country’s largest UK-owned airport operator. Their four airports - Manchester, East Midlands, Bournemouth and Humberside – currently serve a total of more than 29 million passengers every year.

They also run thriving businesses in property development and management, baggage handling, car parking, airport security, fire fighting, engineering, advertising and motor transport.

They support the UK Government's commitment to the principles of sustainable development in the aviation industry, striking a balance between economic, social and environmental considerations.

Manchester Airport is the only global gateway to Northern England. Over 100 airlines offer direct flights to over 210 destinations worldwide, connecting over 22 million passengers to more places than any other airport in the UK. With around 19,000 people employed directly on-site, their growth is shared by their city and the whole region.

At Manchester Airport, their goal is to be one of Europe's leading airports when it comes to managing and caring for their local environment.

Over the years, their environmental innovation has resulted in strategies, processes and technologies that are now standard practice at most of the UK’s major airports.

They recognise that growth needs to be managed to strike the right balance between the social and environmental impact of the airport and the benefits they bring to the area.

Read on to discover more about the environmental effects of airport operations and their initiatives to limit their impact.

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Manchester Airport
Manchester, MAN M90 1QX
United Kingdom

Contact Info
+44 (0) 8712 710 711

Manchester Airport Weather info
Broken clouds

Location of this weather station:
1.6 km South

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Wed, 2018-08-15 09:50

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