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Maldives was an isolated island nation, left behind on the wayside of development taking place around her. To such a nation, an airport is a vital link in communication. It was a Maldivian dream, even before gaining independence in 1965. The dedication, sweat and unwavering determination of the Maldivians was the proud opening of Hulhule Airport on 12th April 1966.The following years showed a steady increase in traffic as a result of International technological development and the closer ties with the outside world. It was time to provide a better system of air traffic to and from the Maldives – time for a modern airport to serve the fast developing country. His Excellency President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom officially inaugurated Malé International Airport on the 11th of November 1981.

Now Maldives Airports Company Ltd. (MACL) is a financially and administratively independent corporate entity, established on January 1, 1994 by the President of Maldives and governed by the Board of Directors appointed by him.

In addition to managing Malé International Airport MACL also manages the four domestic airports at Gan, Hanimaadhoo, Kaadedhdhoo and Kadhdhoo as a non-corporate government financed public service.



The Functions of MACL

Build, operate, develop and maintain airports in the Maldives. Provide:


Male International Airport
Maldives Airports Company Ltd.
Hulhulé - 22000, Republic of Maldives

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(960)3338800, (960)3325511
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