Maastricht Aachen Airport B.V.

Maastricht Aachen Airport B.V.

Maastricht Aachen Airport is a gateway to the Meuse-Rhine Euregion and of great importance for the regional economy and events. The airport ensures fast connections to and from the region for passengers and freight. Maastricht Aachen Airport continually works on it's regional role.

Maastricht Aachen Airport is working in partnership with airlines and touroperators to add new routes to the airport's network of destinations. Their priority is to identify new connections that fit the needs of the Euregion area.

The activities of Maastricht Aachen Airport are focused on the transport of passengers and freight, and development of the Businesspark MAA.

The Businesspark Maastricht Aachen Airport spans an area of over 100 hectares gross. The zoning plan for the park has been approved and construction of infrastructure has begun. From 2008 onwards the park will be ready for construction.

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Maastricht Aachen Airport B.V.
Vliegveldweg 90 AD Maastricht Airport

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