Luxembourg Airport

Luxembourg Airport

Beginning in the Thirties, there was no commercial aviation in Luxembourg; the Luxembourg sport aviation pioneers chose the Findel site as home base to host their activities and developments. After a great deal of efforts, an appropriate law was adopted by the Parliament concerning the construction of an airport and the regulation of air traffic (Law of 19 March 1937).

Traffic statistics were established form 1946 on and the field, still open grassland at the time, experienced a regular increase in air traffic.

Personnel recruitment starts in 1946 but it is necessary to wait until 1949 for a law to be enacted to regulate their working framework. This law dated 22 June 1949 concerns the organisation of the airport services. The law stipulates that the airport services come under the authority of the Ministry of Transport and the structures of the initial team is: an airport commander, a radio-aeronautical department manager, a meteorological department manager, radio operators, meteorological observers, office staff and workers.

The first main steps to improve the infrastructure are the construction of the main runway, measuring 2000m by 60m, followed by a secondary runway measuring 1600m by 50m., An extension of the main runway to 2830m, including runway lights to permit night time operation took place in the middle of the 50’s. These works are completed in 1954.

The origins of commercial air traffic date back to the founding of Luxembourg Airlines on 4 September 1948, at the initiative and its assistance of the government. In 1962 Luxair followed Luxembourg Airlines. The growth of Luxair is one of the reasons for a continuous development of the airport infrastructures.

The extension of the main runway to 4000 m is only decided in 1981. This law of 3 June 1981 authorising the Government to proceed with the extension of Luxembourg airport, finally grants commercial aviation the resources it needs to address the future. In addition to the runway extension, the airport is equipped with all-weather landing facilities, and top line electronic systems. These new aids are commissioned in 1984; the airport offers CAT II / III services to airlines so certified by their authorities. Nowadays, it is unthinkable to attempt to deal with regular commercial traffic without these landing aids.

By the law of 11 January 1990 the Government is authorised to construct a technical and operational building with a new control tower at Luxembourg-Findel airport, including the purchase and installation of new radio-navigation equipment. Our air traffic control and radio-technical services are grouped inside the same building.

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