Letisko Kosice-Airport Kosice a.s.

Letisko Kosice-Airport Kosice a.s.

Kosice international airport is located approximately 6 km south of the town. The airport is situated between the suburbs Kosice-Barca and Kosice- Peres. The airport is located less than 2 km from the expressway from Kosice to Roznava. It is only 10 minutes from the town of Kosice, 30 minutes from the town of Presov and 20 minutes from Slovak-Hungarian boarder.

Construction of today's Airport began in 1950 near the suburb of Barca. An airshow took place in 1951 to mark its opening. By 1954 the runway extended to 2000m. In the same year construction began on the first part of the new passenger terminal, hanger and new control tower. In 1955 direct flights began between Kosice and Prague. The power supply was enhanced by more powerful transformers in 1962. Increasing traffic required a larger passenger terminal by the mid 1960s. The foundation of the SNP Air Force Academy in 1973 strengthened aviation in the then republic of Czechoslovakia. Between 1974 and 1977 the runway was increased by 1100m, the power supply rebuilt and a lighting system installed to meet CAT II ICAO specifications.

Letisko Kosice - Airport Kosice, a.s. as the first form the independent airports of the former SSL obtained the permit for running the public international airport from the Aviation office of SR in December 2004.

The main prize the title the CONSTRUCTION OF THE YEAR 2005 was won by the new terminal for passengers of the Košice airport. esides this, the prizes of mayor of the capital city of SR Bratislava were awarded , the prizes for the best handily mastered construction detail, for exceptional architectural solution of constructional elements, for exceptional quality of construction reached by unconventional technology, for application of knowledge of science and technics in reconstruction of construction, for optimal use of progressive constructional material, products or systems, for original material-spacious and architectural design of work in the central town zone, for progressive architectural and constructional-technical design of construction work and the award flat-building of the year 2005. During June in the public part of terminal there was the panelled presentation of all evaluated constructions with the technical description and photo-documentation presented for the passengers as well as visitors. We are glad that the airport represented our region and obtained the main prize. We made known ourselves in a positive way again.

In the 1980s the airport's managment was forced by increasing traffic to extend its premises. During 1992-93 the runway, aprons and passenger terminal were improved, as werethe lighting, power supply, monitoring and control systems. The runway was asphalted and its loading increased. This significant improvement was remarked on by foreing crews attending the SIAD 93 airshow in Kosice. The terminal was enlarged again in 1995 and 1999.

Business passengers on scheduled flights can enjoy the airport lounge which is situated in depature area of passengers terminal. Non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, coffee and tea are availables. The facilities of the lounge include three internet access points, cable television, daily newspapers and FIDS screens. Lounge and other airports part are equiped with Wireless LAN connection so the passengers can surf and enjoy the internet sites.

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Letisko Kosice - Airport Kosice a.s.
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