Lappeenranta Airport

Lappeenranta Airport

Lappeenranta Airport sits at the eastern border of the European Union, amid an increasing flow of goods and passengers. From Lappeenranta you can reach Saimaa by water and travel the Saimaa Canal all the way to Viipuri (Vyborg). The airport is only a couple kilometres away from the amenities at the city centre of Lappeenranta. In 2008, approximately 23,350 passengers used the airport.

Fly Lappeenranta operates from Lappeenranta Airport to Helsinki-Vantaa Aiport. From Helsinki-Vantaa there are flights to more than 120 destinations around the world.

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Lappeenranta Airport
Lappeenranta 53600

Contact Info
+358 5 680 6310

Lappeenranta Weather info
Clear sky

Location of this weather station:
0.5 km West-Northwest

Reported on:
Fri, 2018-10-19 22:20

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