Klagenfurt Airport

Klagenfurt Airport

100 years ago courageous men, pioneers of aviation from the region of Carinthia were starting with their flying.

Already in 1905 Georg Count of Khevenhüller from Hochosterwitz Castle and in 1907 Dipl.-Ing. Josef Sablatnig (Josef Sablatnig was owner of the Fokker-Sablatnig, Deutsche Flugzeuge, Deutsche Motoren, Flugzeug Gesellschaft mbH, Berlin) were the first men in the sky over Carinthia and Klagenfurt. In World War I and II the airport of Klagenfurt was operated as a Military Airfield, and indeed Klagenfurt Airport was founded in 1914 as a military airport. The civil opening of Klagenfurt Airport on May 17th, 1925 was an event for the City of Klagenfurt as well as for Carinthia.

Already in the years 1926 to 1938 seven airlines operated from Klagenfurt airport. Countries like Germany, Italy, Slovenia and of course domestic flights to all major cities in Austria were connected with Klagenfurt. After 1950 the Airport was connected with countries like Brazil, Israel, Venezuela, Netherlands, Germany United Kingdom and others.

The airport of Klagenfurt, through the basing of a main Customs Post at the airport, ensures the best possible conditions for working as an EU "First Point of Entry" cargo center.

At the intersection to Slovenia, Northern-Italy and the southern Austria–in the heart of the Region Alpe Adriatic–decrees the Klagenfurt Airport by his optimally connections by the highway (own exit), the railroad (works siding 300 meters of the airport), just as through his proximity to the Mediterranean-harbors Koper/SLO and Triest-Monfalcone/ITA over an accordingly high potential for merchandise-cover.

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Klagenfurt Airport Flughafenstrasse 60-64
A-9020 Klagenfurt-Flughafen

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