Kiel Airport mbH

Kiel Airport mbH

Kiel Airport (also: Airport Kiel-Holtenau) is classified as a local airport and is located 7 miles north of downtown Kiel.

In 1913, first expansion using Erdaushub of the North-Baltic Sea Canal (Airport in the "Lower Country").

In 1927 founding of Kiel Airport mbH ("KFG"). Operations on line 27 (domestic and international) goals. Operator of the "Land Airport Kiel: Kiel airport company.

In 2001 start planning for the expansion of the airport of Kiel and in particular to extend the start-runway.

In 2006 termination of the expansion plan with the decisions of the Land Schleswig-Holstein and the state capital of Kiel, the airport does not expand.

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Kiel Airport mbH Boelckestraße 100
Kiel-Holtenau 24159

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+49- (0) 431-32 26 04, +49- (0) 431-32 91 90
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Kiel / Holtenau Civilian Weather info
Broken clouds

Location of this weather station:
2.3 km East-Northeast

Reported on:
Sun, 2018-12-16 07:00

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