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Katowice International Airport is an international airport located in Pyrzowice, 30 km north of the Katowice city centre, in Poland.

The airport features two passenger terminals A and B (completed in 2007) and a cargo terminal. Its concrete runway is 2,799 m long and 59 m wide and can accommodate any Boeing 747 or Boeing 777, albeit not at MTOW.

Upper Airline SA was registered 6 March 1991. 1 May 1994 GTL SA took over the state of the 'Polish Airports' management of the International Airport Katowice in Pyrzowice. The main objectives are the development of infrastructure for the Company's MPL Katowice and to ensure that the highest possible standard of service provided. The objective of this year is consistently implemented.

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Katowice International Airport ul. Freedom 90
Ozarowice 42-625

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+48 32 39 27 200
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Katowice-Pyrzowice Weather info
Overcast, mist

Location of this weather station:
27.0 km South

Reported on:
Fri, 2018-10-19 22:00

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