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In the 1960, the idea of establishing an airport for the middle- and western part of Jutland flourished. The concept of providing the sourrounding area with a route connection to Copenhagen. Allready there were airports in the cities Tirstrup, Billund and Aalborg, who offered regular flights and they were, and still is, an essential part of the area they are each situated in.

For a number of years, it was the idea that the new Danish airport should be situated at "Tiphede" some km. from Karup Airport. But soon; the idea of merely using and extending the facilities of Military Air Base Karup came up. This proposal was agreed upon by the Danish government in 1965 and a temporary opening for civil air service was follow through in the Military Air Bases in Karup and Skrydstrup (at Seeland). The flight-route opened at the 1st of November 1965. In Karup it was allowed to make 2 double flights in SAS-management a day and this was done with a 15-person Heron-aeroplane. The first year 17.000 passengers flew from Karup.

The following year, a 56-person Metropolitan-aeroplane replaced the Heron. Also in 1966, a co-operative society was created by the 2 county counsil districts and 9 municipalities so that the running of the flight route could be managed properly. Participating was: Ringkjøbing and Viborg county counsil districts, Lemvig, Ringkjøbing, Skjern, Struer, Herning, Holstebro, Ikast, Skive and Viborg muncipality.

In 1996, Karup Airport extended the terminal with a new gate, that serves as an foerign-travels facility. Here the tax-free shop I situated. Also passport- and customs have been established, so that the airport today has the status of being an international airport (ICAP and Schengen-status) This extention of the airport cost app. 8 mill. DKR. And finally in 1997, the airplane pitch was made bigger – from 12.000 to 25.000 m2 – costing around 11. mill DKR.

Karup Airport is today a fully modern and "up-to-date" airport. Cimber Air has over 15 departures and arrivals to/from Copenhagen Airport and in "codeshare" with SAS and the yearly passenger umber is more than 100.000 departing as well as arriving passengers on their main flight route – to Copenhagen.

In December 1999, the Danish travel agency "Højmark Rejser" started flying ski-charter to Salzburg in Austria. The agency has one weekly departure in the winter season; right until April. Besides these slyings, they also have a considerable number of company charter- and taxi flying from and to trade fairs and to visits on/from companies in all of Middle- and West Jutland.

Karup Airport wishes to provide its visitors not only with impeccable service, but also a little extra. Throughout the years, the airport has invested in artistic decorations outdoors as well as indoors. Inside the emphasis has been put on glass-art, which plays beautifully with the materials of the rest of the building.

Karup Airport is expecting to extend the concept of being a "feeder-airport" with a high frequency of departures, following the devise: "one-stop-Copenhagen" to Copenhagen Airport as basis of a big international route flight system. Also scheduled charter-traffic will be in focus. But first and foremost, Karup Airport wishes to establish itself as the airport in Jutland.


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