Kajaani airport

Kajaani airport

The airy and stylish passenger terminal reflects the Kainuu region’s well-deserved reputation for natural peace of mind. In 2007, approximately 91,000 passengers passed through the terminal.

Finnair and Finncomm Airlines fly the route between Kajaani and Helsinki-Vantaa. The airport is being developed with the help of tourism - current schemes include Christmas trips and "The World’s Best Region for Cross Country Skiing" project.

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Kajaani airport
Kajaani 87100

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+358 8 689 7511, +358 8 689 7600
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Kajaani Weather info
Broken clouds, light snow showers

Location of this weather station:
0.2 km Southeast

Reported on:
Fri, 2019-01-18 00:50

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