Jandakot Airport

Jandakot Airport

Opened in 1963, Jandakot Airport is the major General Aviation Airport in Western Australia, and is the busiest airfield and largest aviation training base in Australia. Three runways, associated taxiways, tenant leased property and natural bush land constitutes an area of 622 hectares, 18kmsouth of the city of Perth.

The airport provides access for essential service organisations such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service, CALM Forest and Bushfire Patrol and the WA Police Air Support. Jandakot is also an important training base for international airline pilots, with Singapore and China Southern operating flying colleges and student accommodation facilities at the Airport.

The primary function of Jandakot Airport is "air work" aviation rather than passenger transportation. Due to its Mediterranean climate, the airport has excellent flying conditions almost all year round with long hours of sunlight and good weather. Flying training accounts for about 70 per cent of the total aircraft movements and there are between 300 to 350 aircraft based at the airport that belong to aviation schools and charter/hire companies, aircraft distributors, maintenance companies, photographic services and individual operators. Non-aviation related tenants also operate businesses at the Airport site. These include accommodation and a building waste recycling operation. The non-aviation development area of 150 hectares will see major development in the years ahead.

Airport Safety

Airport Safety is paramount in all operations at Jandakot, and is supported by comprehensive airside rules and regulations and the team of Airport Services Officers. The following essential safety rules apply, and are enforceable by fines or by removal from airport property.

Airport Security

Jandakot Airport is classified non secure, however JAH management have adopted standards which exceed the minimum requirements. Their Duty Rostered Officers conduct routine patrols on airside operating areas and the WA Police have a presence onsite.

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Jandakot Airport
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WA 6164

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