Henri Coanda International Airport

Henri Coanda International Airport

Henri Coanda International Airport is Romania's main international airport, serving the capital city of Bucharest along with the smaller Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu. Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport is situated at 16,5 km distance from Bucharest down-town. It is named after Romanian flight pioneer Henri Coanda, the builder of the world's first jet powered aircraft. Until May 2004, its official name was Bucharest Otopeni International Airport and locally it is still occasionally referred to by its former name.


Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport's goal is to develop, in a durable manner, the most modern and efficient regional airport system from the south-eastern part of Europe, in order to facilitate their country's economical and cultural exchange with all the countries worldwide.


Their mission is to assure the fluency of passengers and cargo traffic and to be a trusting factor for all their partners: the passengers, the airlines and the handling companies, as well as the other parts interested in BHCIA activity, by the continuous increase of the delivered services quality, the company's income and by the protection of resources and environment.


Henri Coanda International Airport Calea Bucurestilor nr. 224 E
Otopeni, judetul Ilfov 075150

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+4 021 204 1000; 201 4000
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