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On June 26th, 1914, the first airplane takes off from Graz Airport.

In 1925, the first domestic aviation network is established – from Vienna, via Graz to Klagenfurt.

In 1930, Graz is integrated into the radio network and a direction finding transmitter is set up.

In 1937, ongoing improvement in navigation and radio technology leads to a sharp increase in the number of air passengers, and construction of an airport building starts.

In 1945, Soviet troops reach the airport on May 9th, 1945; later, it is occupied by the British. The end of the war marks the absolute low point in the airport's history. Civil and military aviation in Austria is forbidden except for the occupying powers.

In 1947, the Office of Civil Aviation is set up and Graz Airport returns to Austrian administrative control.

In 1955, the departure of the occupying forces signifies the restoration of Austrian sovereignty over its air space. The enormous increase in air traffic together with the ongoing modernisation in technology calls for a thorough overhaul of the airport. Work begins on an extended, 1,500 m long concrete runway and modern lighting system – at the time a pioneering achievement in Austria.

In 1963, Graz Airport is included in the domestic flight network of Austrian Airlines. The Vienna-Graz-Klagenfurt connection is so successful that the number of passengers is doubled by 1964.

In 1969, Graz Airport is once again expanded and modernised. A new terminal building is established and the runway extended to 2,500 m. More than 40,000 passengers are handled.

In 1981, another memorable moment in the history of Graz Airport: A British Airways Concorde lands at Graz Airport on March 29th, 1981.

In 2003, the new General Aviation Center is opened. In the same year, the most ambitious building project starts: the expansion of the passenger terminal to twice its former capacity.

On November 27th, 2003, the 800,000th passenger is welcomed at Graz Airport.

In 2004, May 28th beats all records: More than 6,000 passengers are counted on this day. The airport celebrates its 90th anniversary and handles as many as 900,000 passengers this year.

On March 22nd, 2005, the new departure hall is opened to the public.

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Graz Airport
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