Fujairah International Airport

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Fujairah International Airport is an airport located 1 km from Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

At Fujairah International Airport, passenger service is priority. The airport has made elaborate arrangements to ensure that passengers find the start and the culmination of their journey utmost convenient and pleasant.

A traditional Arabian facade and cantilevered window arches characterize the main terminal building of Fujairah International Airport, with marble flooring and bright open spaces from the main entrance area.

Fujairah International Airport is well known for its cargo handling capabilities and the state of the art facilities, which maximize efficiency and eliminate the margin of error in all delicate dealings involved in airport cargo operations.

The Emirate's modern deep-water port 5km away from Fujairah International Airport is the Emirate's modern deep-water port, which has been receiving a steadily increasing volume of transshipment of cargo, which come from the East and is bound for the West. The port has grown from a newcomer in container handling to become one of the region's busiest container transshipment centers.


Fujairah International Airport
Department of Civil Aviation Government of Fujairah
P. O. Box 977 - Fujairah, UAE
United Arab Emirates

Contact Info
+971 9 2226222

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