Flugplatz GmbH Jesenwang

Flugplatz GmbH Jesenwang

The airfield Jesenwang exist since 43 years. After the closure of the airfield Munich Oberwiesenfeld in 1965 won the aerodrome Jesenwang increasingly important. He served for decades, the segment of general aviation for single and twin, and ultralight aircraft, balloons and helicopters up to 5.7.

Due to the extremely high traffic, there Jesenwang landing since 1972 focusing on General Aviation in the region 14 and Upper Bavaria.

He is an aviation facility for the public of the general aviation aircraft. This mode of transport is gaining, along the road and rail, an increasing traffic politically indispensable role.

The airport Jesenwang is a lnfrastruktureinrichtung of general interest, such as street, such as rail, such as hospital and school, such as water and sanitation.

In 2004 the airfield Jesenwang GmbH an ultra-modern airport - fueling facility built, in addition AVGAS 100 LL also the variety kerosene JET A 1 offers. This is a great shortage of supply, especially for emergency services and the police have been eliminated. The saving of human life has been with this organization a great service.

The airfield Jesenwang GmbH, t is the operator of the airport and for the overall management of flight operations, the filing and reporting of aircraft, the supply of fuel, air traffic control and securing of the area responsible.

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Flugplatz GmbH Jesenwang Kirchstrasse 8
Jesenwang 82287

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+49-8146-92030, 95003
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