Flughafen Bern-Belp

Flughafen Bern-Belp

Founded in 5th March 1929 Alpar flight and airport AG is a private company. It meets under the Federal Airport concession operation tasks of Civil Aviation.

The airport concession open attitude determines the duty to secure the facility and the operation of the Bern airport. Under this concession is to safeguard the interests of the federal government and the city of Bern as the federal capital to pay special attention to.

This was an airline the same name already established on 8 June 1929, the operations with a Fokker F XI will be. Three flights per week to the route Alpar Bern-Basel-Biel with connections to the flights to Paris and London, etc. The airport official opening ceremony took place with a big meeting and a huge audience presence on 14 July 1929 instead.

Until the war began in 1939 built the Alpar their flight network continuously, Bern was then in the "front row" of aviation.

With a 4-pillar strategy, the Alpar AG Flughafen Bern-Belp - private sector and non - as an important air transport infrastructure to serve the public.

This strategy includes:

The airport is today, with more than 400 jobs, in the perimeter of the airport, as an important location factor recognized.

New studies show that over 1,000 jobs directly and indirectly by the Bern-Belp airport and its operations depend. The airport as an engine for economic and tourist development

Airport Bern-Belp is a strong engine for economic and tourist development in the Greater Region. Air traffic to and from Bern-Belp creates the resident and attract new businesses including a location advantage through time.

Airport Bern-Belp Airport is more powerful than the larger region around Bern, Espace Mittelland enlarged, air tapped hold. It stands all areas of scheduled and charter flights, general aviation, as well as open.

As a federal city, the airport will meet the needs of the federal and flexible, with special attention met.

The big advantages of the Bern airport are short and concise way, the easy entry and Auscheckverfahren coupled with innovative services and a very high safety standard.

The airlines and tour operators will be active with the best marketing and operational support for a rapid, flexible and longer-term market presence in the catchment area of the airport provides.

The general aviation, air transport, it is reasonable and effective framework to promote further.

After an extensive construction and renovation phase was a modernization of the facilities with the Pistanapassung at 1730m will be completed. Hours are currently carrying out a car park in nearby terminal for about 220 vehicles, as well as the creation of hangar capacity for business aircraft.

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Flughafen Bern-Belp Alpar AG
Belp CH-3123

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Scattered clouds, patches of fog

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