Dortmund Airport

Dortmund Airport

Flughafen Dortmund GmbH was founded on 16th April 1926 with an initial capital investment of 835 000 Reichsmark. This date heralds the actual beginning of Dortmund’s airborne history with involvement from the German Reich, the state of Prussia, the region of Westfalia, the city of and area surrounding Dortmund itself as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and several independent companies. After the merger of Aero Lloyd and Junkers Luftverkehrs AG in January 1926, the young, aspiring Deutschen Luft Hansa AG was formed, operating 12 flights daily to and from the city. In the matter of internal flights, Dortmund had established itself as a close competitor to Cologne with more scheduled routes than either Düsseldorf or Essen. However, the war put an end to civil aviation in Dortmund, and it did not return until 1960, at the site of the present airport in Dortmund-Wickede.

In 1939, at the beginning of the Second World War, all civil aviation operations were suspended. The military took over all available facilities such as the 1 100 by 80 meter runway provided by Dortmund Airport.

In 1945, the last flight took off from Dortmund-Brackel on 28th March 1945. A few days later on the 8th April, Allied tanks were to be found on the bombed ruins of the airport site. The Royal Air Force took over the airport and all German aviation was prohibited by Allied forces.

In 1955, on the 5th May, the German nation returned to the sky. Dortmund Airport was no longer included in Lufthansa’s flight network because post-war aircraft required a runway with a length of at least 2 000 metres. Though there was sufficient land to extend the Brackel site to the east, the runway could not have then been used owing to its proximity to a rail line.

In 1974 a 650-metre long, 20-metre wide tarmac runway replaced the previous grass airstrip. Since then the airport has undergone continuous further expansion: airport buildings and hangars were constructed and the runway and landing strip grew steadily longer. Thus, the originally regional Dortmund-Wickede Airport has turned into the third-largest commercial airport in North Rhine-Westphalia – Dortmund Airport. Today flights leave Dortmund for over 50 destinations throughout Europe, and the airport handles more than two million passengers a year.

Flughafen Dortmund GmbH turned 75 years old on 16th April 2001 and on the occasion of its birthday an illustrated account: "Horizons – the economic and cultural history of Westfalian Aviation" was published.

The number of passengers exceeded the one million mark for the first time, and an additional first was that the new terminal and the 2000 metre long runway were used for an entire business year. However, this rapid climb came to an abrupt end as Dortmund Airport also felt the effects of the terror attack in New York on 11th September 2001.

In 2004, the "Ruhr Runway" achieved a record number of passengers (1.18 million). At the same time, the starter's gun was fired for low-cost flights from Dortmund: in July, the leading European low-cost airline started its operations here. The flight schedule included destinations such as London, Paris, Alicante, Budapest, Palma de Mallorca, Nice, Prague and Rome, with Krakow joining them later. The airline, Wizz air piloted Kattowitz onto this list from July onwards. The airport also grew on the Internet: In December, the airport presented its new homepage.

In 2005, the airport takes off: in the first quarter the number of passengers at the airport doubled in comparison to the previous year. Over the whole year, the airport counted 1.7 million passengers, with the greatest turnover coming in October. Incidentally, a similar trend was seen on the Internet – 130,000 different visitors to the homepage. New destinations (Posen and Berlin) were provided from Dortmund by dauair.

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