Dijon-Bourgogne Airport

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The Dijon Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the associated local authorities are keen to re-establish the Dijon-London air connection and bring the British capital once more within 70 minutes of Burgundy.

This would open up new and exciting prospects for the Burgundian economy.

The Burgundy Franche-Comté region, along with the neighbouring departments of the Haute-Marne and the Aube, makes up the "catchment area" of Dijon-Bourgogne Airport. In short, a population of 3,241,345 persons directly or indirectly concerned by the Airport.

The Airport is in close proximity to an employment basin fuelled by major companies such as Kodak Pathé and Saint Gobain in Chalon-sur-Saône, not to mention SEB, Amora, Laboratoires Fournier and Cermex, wine merchants and producers, etc.

The working population is for the most part employed in the retailing and manufacturing sectors.

Dijon-Bourgogne Airport is equipped with a Type 2 appliance providing fast de-icing of aircraft just before take-off.

The appliance consists of a tank and a powerful spray mechanism for penetrating vulnerable parts (wings, undercarriage, etc.).


Dijon-Bourgogne Airport

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